Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU

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Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU
Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU

Garmin DriveAssist™ 50 EU

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Garmin DriveAssist plays the role of an eyewitness who never blinks. This GPS incorporates a camera that films your driving continuously. In the event of a collision.

ARTIKELNUMMER: 010-01541-11
Tags : Automotive

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Advanced navigation with integrated camera

  • Innovative 5-inch browser with built-in camera that records your driving continuously records the videos in case of impact
  • Detailed maps of North America with free map updates¹ and digital traffic info² for life: Garmin's fastest traffic solution
  • Detailed maps of North America with map updates¹ and free traffic info² for life
  • Detailed maps of North America with free map updates for life¹
  • Free Garmin digital traffic service via DAB - the best Garmin traffic solution, ready to use!
  • Garmin Traffic Service in real time via Smartphone Link right in your car, wherever you are!
  • The integrated camera allows you to benefit from impending collision warnings 3 , lane departure warnings, parking assistant and much more
  • Smart features keep you connected even while driving: Bluetooth® 4 hands-free calling , voice-guided navigation and smartphone notifications 5
  • Alertness alerts, including for dangerous turns, speed zone changes, school zones, etc.

Integrated camera

Garmin DriveAssist plays the role of an eyewitness who never blinks. This GPS incorporates a camera that films your driving continuously. In the event of a collision, the incident detection sensor (G-Sensor) automatically records the video with the date and location of the incident.

You can watch the video on the GPS screen or on your computer using the Dash Cam Player software The GPS Photo feature allows you to take pictures of the accident. To store your video data, a microSD ™ card is included.

A camera that assists you

With its integrated camera 3 , Garmin DriveAssist offers innovative driver assistance features:

Collision warning The collision 
risk warning is triggered if you do not respect the safety distances and alert you with an audible and visual signal.

Lane Departure Warning If you deviate from the road or if you drive in the opposite direction, the lane 
departure warning alerts you with an audible and visual signal.

GO Alert function! 
When your car is stopped at a junction or in a queue, the "Go Alert" function warns you when the cars in front of you are moving forward.

Garmin Real Vision ™ 
You'll never have trouble reading the house number with the Garmin Real Vision ™ feature. As you approach your destination, the navigation screen switches to video mode and a luminous arrow points to the address where you are going.


Garmin Driver Alerts 

The new Garmin DriveAssist GPS provides alerts for safer driving and increased driver alertness: alerts for dangerous turns, speed zone changes, level crossings and animal crossings. 
In addition, Garmin DriveAssist alerts you when you're driving a wrong way on a one-way street or when approaching school zones. 
For long routes, a fatigue alert 7 suggests breaks and indicates the rest areas on your route. The "On my route" function allows you to easily see the places and the steps on your route without leaving the map of the eyes.


Control your GPS by voice

Convenient, Garmin DriveAssist is equipped with the navigation controller 's voice s . Control your GPS by voice without having to manipulate it or leave the road of the eyes.

The connected driving aid

Garmin DriveAssist connects to your smartphone to receive hands-free calls and also to listen to your SMS 5 , emails, voice messages thanks to the speaker of your GPS. Convenient, your phone stays in your jacket pocket. 


What our traffic solutions offer better

With the free real - time Garmin traffic information service via Smartphone Link , get better traffic coverage wherever you are *. You limit the risk of getting stuck in traffic jams, whether because of work, an accident, rush-hour traffic or a serious problem such as a driver traveling the wrong way. The information is updated every minute. So you can know the estimated delay and see if there is an alternative route, to stay calm behind your wheel. Simply pair your Garmin GPS to your phone via Bluetooth 3 and start the Smartphone Link app.  

Voice guidance always more realistic 

Garmin DriveAssist reinvents voice guidance with Garmin Real Directions using visual cues "Turn right after the red building" or "Turn left after the McDonalds"). 
It contains millions of new popular places thanks to Foursquare.

Find your exact destination

Direct Access simplifies navigation to tricky access destinations such as malls and airports. If you are heading to a mall, Direct Access provides you with location information about the shops that are there. For example, "You have arrived at the Forum des Halles. Zara is inside, at level 3. "

Simpler and faster searches

On the Garmin DriveAssist, a search bar makes it easy to find addresses and millions of points of interest. Just enter a category ("pizza", for example), a full address or a proper name ("Starbucks") and Garmin DriveAssist displays the results around your location. 

An additional camera for your travels

To provide you with a complete navigation solution, Garmin DriveAssist pairs with the BC ™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera (sold separately, professional installation recommended). Once you are logged in, you can clearly see any vehicles, pedestrians or other obstructions on the Garmin DriveAssist's display when backing up. 

A unique platform to update your products

Use Garmin Express ™ to update your Garmin DriveAssist. With Garmin Express, updating maps and software, transferring favorites from one device to another, and installing free custom voices and vehicle icons is uncomfortably simple.

The quality of a card can make all the difference when it comes to not getting lost. Quality HERE map data allows your Garmin device to provide you with all the information you need, at the right time, so you do not miss your destination, arrive late and spend too much time in your car .


¹ Terms and Conditions of Use for Lifetime 
Charts ²Terms of Use for Lifetime Traffic Service
³Some conditions may prevent the warning function from functioning. For more information, visit Garmin.com/warnings . 
4 Requires a Bluetooth smartphone (sold separately). See 


Physical dimensions 5.5 "W x 3.3" H x .8 "D (1.0", including camera) (14.0 x 8.4 x 2.1 cm (2.6 cm, including camera))
Weight 6.75 oz (191.4 g)
Drums rechargeable lithium-ion
Display type WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
Display format (width by height) 4.4 "W x 2.5" H (11.1 x 6.3 cm); 5.0 "diag (12.7 cm)
Screen definition (width by height) 480 x 272 pixels
Battery life 30 minutes

Cards and memory

Preloaded cards  
Map update for life  
Accepts memory cards yes (Dash Cam memory card: 4 GB data card included; Class 4 or higher; map data card not included)

Navigation functions

Voice recognition (navigate via voice commands)  
Compatible with FM radio traffic function  
Updated traffic info for life (receive free lifetime traffic info)  
Showing intersections and road signs  
Hands-free calling feature with Bluetooth® wireless technology  
Indication of speed limits (shows speed limits for main roads in Europe and the United States)  


  • Trip planner: yes
  • Trip log: yes
  • Powered magnetic mount: no
  • Built-in Dash Cam: yes
  • Driver alerts for sharp curves, school zones, red light, speed camera warnings and more: yes
  • Camera-assisted features for Forward Collision Warnings, Lane Departure Warnings, "Go" Alert and Garmin Real Vision ™: yes
  • Garmin Real Directions ™ landmark guidance: yes
  • Foursquare POIs: yes
  • Smart notifications: yes

This USB mass storage device is compatible with Windows® XP or newer Mac® OS X 10.4 or later.

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